What is Agfarm Accelerate?

Agfarm Accelerate is a line of credit for all your cropping input needs such as seed, ag-chem, fertiliser, fuel and water. It’s secured against your future crop and repaid after harvest.


Accepted Commodities?

You can use Agfarm Accelerate to grow all types of grains, oilseeds and pulses.


How do you repay your loan?

The facility is repaid through crop sale proceeds before 15th July (summer cropping) or 15th January (winter cropping). There is no tonnage commitment and you can choose who you sell to.


Why use Agfarm Accelerate?

  • Flexible and competitively priced cashflow tool for key cropping inputs (seed, chemical, fertiliser, irrigation water, diesel and crop insurance).
  • Security is over the crop – not your land.
  • You manage the input purchases, Agfarm Accelerate pays invoices on your behalf when they are due.
  • Facility repayment is made post-harvest with crop sale proceeds.
  • All purchases and interest are reconciled monthly with statements emailed to you.
  • The minimum facility size is $50,000 – no maximum.
  • Interest is charged monthly on the drawn balance.
  • Applications are open year around.
  • Turnaround times: 1 week from receipt of application/72 hours for increases.

How do you apply?